Proposal: Let’s call ASP.NET MVC “.MVC”

I hereby propose renaming ASP.NET MVC to just “.MVC”. It’s just so much easier to type.

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  • bubba

    I have a better idea. Lets call Java MVC plan o MVC, after all it has been out for 7 years. Perhaps a better name for ASP.NET MVC is late to the game MVC, or just LTTG MVC.

  • bubb-a

    I kind of agree with @bubba – minus the sarcasm.

    @bubba – wouldn’t it be better to call Smalltalk implementations of MVC – MVC, considering that Trygve Reenskaug first patterned it in 1979? – maybe Java’s implementation could be… oh… Java MVC – or not quite as late to the game as .MVC?

    What about MVC# – since no developer in their right mind would do .Net MVC in {bahzinga}? (F# still works).

  • Lambada

    MVC.NET sounds way better. It’s also close to the naming standards – ASP.NET, Paint.NET etc…

  • Channery

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so straihtgfrowrad.